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Driving Policy

International Drilling Fluids & Engineering Services (IDEC) Ltd recognizes driving as most hazardous tasks performed by employees. Legislation places a duty on the employer to provide a safe working environment; this is also extended to driving on business. It is a requirement for staff to follow safe driving practices. This includes steps to ensure the driver's total concentration and safe operation of vehicles, such as determining clear directions before departing, refraining from operating equipment such as mobile phones while the vehicle is moving, and not operating a vehicle when the driver's ability is impaired. Drivers are expected to follow defensive driving principles, driving regulations. Journey management and driving standards shall document details of the requirements in each program.

Driver Training and Qualification

Employees and contractors are NOT allowed to drive vehicles on behalf of IDEC, including company-owned or leased vehicles unless approval has granted. Approval is granted to drivers who have taken defensive driving training every two years and commentary driver training annually.

Seat Belts

All employees and contractors MUST wear seat belts at all times when driving a vehicle, and they must ensure that all other vehicle are also wearing seat belts.

Cellular Phone

Employees and consultants, while commuting or on company business should neither initiate nor answer a cellular phone call or message whilst driving a vehicle, regardless of whether a hands free device is available or not. Cellular phones may be left on during a trip to alert the driver of an incoming call or message; however the vehicle must be brought to a complete and safe stop before responding.

Journey Management

All locations shall have in place an active journey management program that complies with the company standard. Each location's journey management program shall address all local driving conditions and identified risks.

Substance Abuse

Driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs or narcotics is strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary action including termination for cause as stated in the current IDEC Alcohol and Drugs Policy.

Disciplinary Action

Violation of this policy can result in disciplinary action.

Vice President - IDEC