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IDEC offers quality products that are environmentally sensitive and targeted to the needs of all the different drilling operators.

IDEC operates conventional products blending, storage and manufacturing facilities in India. Our laboratory provides customizable and extensive testing of drilling fluids for the nomination HTHP, and features low-end rheology, pilot testing, chemical analysis, water analysis and other applications.

In addition, IDEC has in place extensive programs for product quality control and quality assurance. Certification of product quality by Certificate of Analysis is available on a product-by-product and lot-by-lot basis, where this type of certification is required. The Quality Assurance provides this service from the data used for product acceptance. The Certificates of Analysis of purchased products are compared to IDEC’s and the manufacturer's specifications to verify product conformance. When required, additional analytical and quality assurance testing can be performed to meet specific customer requirements.

IDEC customers can be assured by the extensive quality program we already have in place that:

  • IDEC performs product design acceptance of IDEC trade-named products.
  • Only approved sources are permitted to provide IDEC trade-named products.
  • Product data is reviewed to verify conformance to quality standards.
  • Any material found to be non-conforming will be segregated, identified with a status indicator and only released after it has been re-graded, reworked to meet specification or accepted by concession by the end user.
  • The Quality Assurance Team is notified of any product non-conformances, and is typically involved in the root cause analysis and subsequent preventive action.


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