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Drilling Fluid Systems

Calcium chloride/polymer-base system for maximum inhibition in highly reactive shales
DRILSMOOTH is a Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) rheological modifier and secondary shale stabilizer designed to give improved carrying capacity and suspending ability in bentonite based water base drilling fluids. It has particular application in drilling of lost circulation zones, high-angle and horizontal wells, and also for casing milling operations.
High Temperature High Pressure System The ID-THERM system is an extremely flexible drilling fluid system used when temperature, contaminants, and/or borehole instability make conventional systems impractical or uneconomical.The actual composition will vary depending on specific requirements. ID-THERM system is stable to > 230°C (450°F). The use of the ID-THERM system allows for the conversion of conventional mud systems e.g. ID-BOND systems, to a ID-THERM HTHP drilling fluid without the need for
complete displacement
A water-base reservoir drill-in fluid system that can be easily formulated to specific applications where completion compatibility and minimal formation damage are critical factors. The system is custom designed for each individual reservoir and uses a range of high-quality components.
Inhibitive Engineered Cloud Point Glycol System, The key evolutionary enhancement of the system is that it contains low molecular weight polyols. Polyols is the generic name for a wide range of chemicals, including glycerol, polyglycerol,polyethylene glycols, polypropylene glycol, polyalkylene glycols and alcohol ethoxylates. These chemicals are water soluble and non toxic, passing existing environmental protocols worldwide.
Polymer-base, PHPA system for improved cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization
Silicate-base system for drilling water-sensitive formations. The main application for silicate fluids is the replacement of oil and synthetic fluids in difficult drilling applications such as wells containing reactive claystones. Silicate fluids exhibit a very high degree of shale inhibition exceeding that of glycol fluids.
High-temperature, deflocculated system for general use (chrome-free available)
Advanced water-base drilling fluid with performance approaching that of an oil-based mud

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